For those who don't think they can write.

Photo by Rachel Rittman

Photo by Rachel Rittman


Often times we like to leave things for the professionals. We leave the art to the artist, teaching to the teachers, leading to the leaders. And while there is a lot to be said for well-trained professional it is easy to use it as an excuse to shy away from cultivating the seeds in our own soil. We all have the potential to create, to teach, to lead in some shape or form and it is our responsibility to cultivate it the best we can. When it comes to writing, I believe this to be especially true. I’ve never trained as a writer so I never saw myself as one. But nonetheless I couldn’t stop writing in my personal space, hidden away in a journal. And after filling an entire book shelf with journals that hold personal tales of pain and challengers, beauty and joy, and all the messy in betweens, it occurred to me that I might be a some kind of writer after all. 

A personal practice of writing helps us to reflect and imagine, to engage in thought and discovering our true voice. The way we sound when there is no trace of fear left, where faith takes over and grounded confidence let’s us say things well and honestly. 

Write so your heart can grow.

When we talk about writing and the related self-care (that I go on about so frequently) it is easy to sound airy-fairy with no substance whatsoever. But that is not what I am talking about, though any creative endeavour should have some element of mystery and poetry. Communication is a key to connection, which we all know is crucial to being human. A personal practice of writing and journaling makes us better communicators. We must write (or reflect in some way be it art, music or some other form of self expression) to name what we didn’t have words for. To discover our tone, to work through all the dirt between our hands so we can find the gold. Writing is a really great way to grow in self-awareness and to (re)assess the direction we are headed. It keeps our heart and head connected. It exposes our fears. It recognises our pain. It captures our delight and it helps us to take in beauty. So if you have a desire to write (or create) but struggle to do so, maybe be so bold and start seeing yourself as a writer (as an artist) in seed form. I won’t tell you how to write. I can share my experience and attempts with you, but you’ll have to find your own flow. Who said it needs to sound like the great authors before you? Who said it needs to be publicly acclaimed to be of worth? Write, so your heart can grow. Journal. In the secrecy of private pages, say what you think, name what you feel. Tell yourself the story of your life and imagine where the narrative could go from here.