Well digging

If you have found your way onto this page, you must have noticed by now that I love words. Obsessively so! Well, I am so glad you are here! Words have been the reason I started the Writing Well Project and I would love to invite you more into the story behind it.

I have always loved words. My imagination feeds off words. Lines, paragraphs, chapters, books full of words. As a child I would use bathroom breaks as an excuse to read entire books in one sitting. I could entertain myself with children’s science books all afternoon or lose myself in a foreign universe that was penned by some brilliant mind. 

Words… to this day I wrestle with their limitation but I’m equally fascinated by their potential to create and re-create worlds, to heal wounds and misperception and their unique ability to capture as well as illuminate experience. I kind of stumbled upon writing in times of tension and fast paced change. Words became not only a way to imagine but to breathe. To exhale and untangle the things I was trying to navigate. 

Writing became part of my life, making sense of how I see the world and the One who made it. Being known and seen by Jesus has always played a big part in my life. It is no co-incidence that I have been captivated by the claim made in the book of John describing him as the Word made flesh. It still gets me that the Bible celebrates the fullness of words in human form. Humanity in all its glory, revealed in person and dignified through a narrative marked by redemption, compassion and beauty... Regardless of your beliefs about life, death and the vast space between the two, I hope you will feel right at home with this project. I hope you can resonate with the honest pursuit of love and beauty and be inspired to dig deeper for yourself. This is my playground to explore words, writing and how it connects with other art forms. Moreover, how words can create a more beautiful reality by framing it through a graceful narrative. The Writing Well Project is an invitation to discover writing in your own journey towards wholeness. I hope as you tag along you will rediscover wonder and leave a little more clear and inspired to engage the world around us wholeheartedly.

Write well,