Love in Frames

JonnyInstax_ 5.jpg

I have always admired the ability of street photographers to capture life in its unfiltered glory. I have always been captivated by the candid shots that celebrate a sacred glimpse amidst the everyday so easily missed. And finally I will give it a shot myself (pun not intended but now that I said that it kinda is one - don’t mind me friend) and learn how to master the art of visual storytelling. Investing into a 'proper' camera felt daunting, as I reserved that right in my head for the  professional and the expert. Truthfully it had more to do with the fear of failing - what if I invest and it turns out I can't take pictures the way they looked in my head? Worse even, my lack of skill will be exposed on an LCD screen that I can't really argue with. But in the end, isn't it worth to be seen for your true self? Even if it's humbling, it's freeing. Admitting where I am at gives me permission to grow beyond. And it's liberating to realise that my interpretation doesn't have to look like anyone else's. Having things and hearts you love are probably the best motivation to muddle through the manual. Love is worth celebrating and framing. Love is worth putting in the work of mastering an art. I'd rather clumsily try to capture the poetry in front of my eyes than let it go by unnoticed. And maybe I'll even find that I get less clumsy with every attempt. There is so much to learn and nothing to prove! Thank you Jesus for process. Reading through the gospels taught me that saying yes to love looks like saying yes to process. Thankfully Jesus didn't pursue us because we were flawless, he went the distance to love unfinished people in need of a lot of saving but he was not put off by their current state. He was more drawn by their potential than he was repelled their flaws, he came alongside and taught them along the way. That's where the really good stuff happens. Yes to being taught! For me, learning new things has always been something where I learn more about the heart of God. 

So in my case I am saying yes to capturing stories and beautiful things by getting practical and learning how handle a camera... How about you? 

If you are interested in the camera model, check out the Fujifilm X T-20, it is an absolute gem!



Is there an art form or something else you have been dreaming about learning or doing that you have shelved because you might fall flat on your face? Think again. Pray. Write. Identify the concern that kept you from getting started and respond with hope and courage. Redefine what success looks like in the pursuit. Maybe it's time to rethink your motivation and find one that will compel you to do it anyways.